website writerMarkets 2000 was originally conceived in 2006 by Director Nick Cassells as as a Web Design and Development company for  businesses in the UK. Advances in technology, communication and networking means the landscape of the World Wide Web and how we interact with it is changing on a daily basis but over the last 7 years online marketing for business has changed immeasurably. Markets 2000 now offers a much more powerful, focused and dynamic service to meet those needs focused on quality web content.

A service based on your target market, USP and brand

When markets 2000 first began, the focus was on the Website. Now, as the internet has become a part of everyone’s daily life and very much the hub of a businesses marketing arsenal, there is a whole shedload of marketing techniques that can be successfully used to get your website seen. This is all about creating an online presence with a powerful website at the hub of that campaign. Fundamental to all online campaigns is web text and a professional website writer.

 Our web writers create sizzling marketing text

The only factor the search engines can understand on your website is “text”. Therefore if you want to appear in search results for any search phrase you need web content that has been written and optimised for an internet audience. The text needs to be powerful marketing copy which your target audience will find engaging and lead to conversions. Business blogs show your visitors you have credibility within your industry and also act as a further trigger to getting your site on page 1 due to Google’s programming.

 Blog marketing and press releases

Once the website is picked up by the search engines you need to enhance your overall rating through links building. This is done through blog marketing, guest blogs, article submission, press releases and social media. Again all these areas rely on powerful, consistent text and web content.

So as well as offering web design and development through WordPress we offer marketing services that reflect the modern age.

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