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So how can you find that writer who understands the digital world enough to fit neatly within your digital media team? You know – that rare individual who can run with the literary baton when you need them urgently for a specific client, always comes up with the goods, be creative in any digital format and can adapt their marketing skills to any type of business that’s thrown at them?

A skilled Internet writer who can not only create unique and engaging text for any industry and who understands the marketing requirements of writing online ain’t easy to come by and employing a copywriter full time in-house could be quite expensive at the best of times.

Which clients need text?

The fact is not all of your business clients will need a third party to write the text for them. Even though it can be highly time-consuming some clients will be quite happy to put time and effort aside themselves. However, in the majority of cases, it is unlikely that they will understand the intricacies of how to engage and convert the site visitor and the secrets of seducing the search engines.

In fact, in an industry where text is the oil that powers marketing on the internet, you may not be doing your client any favours by encouraging them to create their own copy…and you know what a time it takes and how it could put the whole project scope out of sync…

There is a cost to both you and your client here. Make-do text reflects on you as a digital media company and subsequently may lead to you having to deal with a disgruntled client, the loss of further on-going work and possibly a dented reputation.

The answer is to outsource and Markets 2000 may have the answer

The writers at Markets 2000 are more than just writers. They are internet marketing experts too. That means every letter, syllable and word is carefully crafted to meet the needs of the internet audience, satisfy Google’s ever watchful eye and enhance your client’s brand too.

At Markets 2000 we work through short-term contracts. You pay us when you need us and for the work we do for you and your clients. But we always stay in contact with your company so we get to know the complexities of how your digital team works and the mission and standards it demands.

Our goals are your client’s goals

All our website text should be written to:

  • Attract the search engines
  • Adhere to Google regulations in order to avoid penalties
  • Accurately reflect the values, mission and USP of the brand
  • Engage the reader
  • Be unique, succinct and informative
  • Should follow the rules of current website design fashions
  • Increase leads
  • Be used on numerous digital platforms
  • Convert visitors to buy, download, leave details or make contact.

The writers at Markets 2000 do just that.

We are a UK based company who believe we can enhance digital media systems by enhancing text quality and reduce overheads and overall costs of the digital media company.

We work in all Internet and marketing formats:

  • Website Text
  • Articles
  • Commercial blogs
  • Email campaigns
  • Social media comments
  • Pay per click
  • Press releases
  • Newsletters

Streamlining processes and communications:

  • We can work white label
  • We work remotely within marketing teams
  • Communicate through your team or client channels
  • Competitive prices and we work to your client’s budgets

Talk to us

Whether you a business manager yourself, a digital media company or a web designer, we want to work with you and to get you send and your products flying.

You can call us on 01795 843184

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