Markets 2000  specialise in web content and internet marketing services for businesses and organizations from start-ups and SME’s to corporate and global enterprise.  Affordable and cost-effective our services are provided by skilled professionals to enhance your online presence.


Web content


website contentAt Markets 2000 our web site content writers are qualified in creating the effective marketing text for your business, unlike our competition; this is married with the cutting edge optimisation techniques to ensure your website will be picked up by optimum search keywords and terms.


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Blog writer


blog writersThe blog has become central to all online marketing campaigns and essential in the for any business website.  At Markets 2000 our professional blog writers will research your business and industry, your competition and target market in order to create cutting edge articles which will ultimately increase lead generation and brand profile. Our professional blog writers and researchers can work with any industry.


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Guest blog management


guest blog managementCreating a successful marketing campaign for any business can be daunting when the technological goalposts and landscape changes so often. Links and quality web content writing are essential and fundamental and the two come together in the form of guest blogging


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article writerSEO Articles and blog marketing have become the life blood of a successful internet marketing campaign. Now more than ever web content – or web text to be more precise – is king! Not only is it the only part of a website that Google and its sister search engines can use to match to the search query, its style and tone will give your business credibility, highlight your unique selling points and boost conversions to sale.


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Press Releases


press release writerPress releases can be the perfect vehicle for promoting changes in your organisation, to your target audience. As well as providing dynamic one way links back to your website and credibility for your business, an internet press release can facilitate and compliment on going marketing campaigns.


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seo kentIf your prospective visitors do not know your company name or your web address (and let’s face it this is the market you want to target, 99% of the searchers will find you via a search engine. In order for your website to appear in search results the site needs to be coded and honed.


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Internet Marketing


Internet Marketing consultantIf you want to create a powerful and dynamic Internet Marketing campaign that will enhance you brand, boost leads, and triple create effective conversions the world of the web and its multitude of apps, programmes, geeks and networks can suddenly seem like a daunting arena. Where do you start?


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Web Design and Development


Web DesignerAt Markets 2000 we do more than create a website that is cool to the eye and includes all the latest whizz-bang apps. Our priority is to optimise your website so it performs as a powerful a marketing tool. Therefore our marketing staff will work with you to ensure the finished product highlights your brand, your USP and attracts your target market.


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Web site assessment


Web site auditHow is your business website fairing on Google? Why is it not on page 1? Have your visits suddenly fallen? Do you get a huge amount of visits but no sales? How can you determine the visitor experience? Is there an issue in how you visitors are expected to navigate the site? What can be put in place to turn a plodding non-descript brochure into a powerful and dynamic sales and marketing machine?


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