link building services

Link building services

link buildingSo you have optimised your website to ensure the search engines will recognise your business industry and products and services when a searcher puts a relevant search term into the search box. Now you know you are in the race. You are amongst the thousands of sites that are thrown back at the visitor when they click search.


So how do you get your website to page 1 of the search results?


After on page-optimisation and the construction of powerful web content, the fundamental strategy for getting your website to page 1 of Google is through link-building. The website with many links form other websites within the same industry will be seen as an important website and so will be ranked higher.


Professional link building services


Link building can be time consuming and highly frustrating. It can also be dangerous. Google particularly has brought out recent updates (Google Penguin and Google Panda) which penalise webmasters who try to build links to their website artificially. It therefore needs to be done professionally and consistently with acceptable websites.


Our link building services at Markets 2000


All links created by Markets 2000 are:


    • Recognisable to the search engines. 

Web developers can place coding into their websites which means even though you have created a link, in reality it has been made redundant by in-built coding.

    • Of a high Page rank and Domain authority.

The higher the page rank and domain authority the more weight the link will carry.

    • Not spammy

If links are coming from link farms, sites with low page rank, or are just plain spammy you run the risk of being penalised by Google.

    • Trackable:

No-one can say for certain if a link that is acceptable now is going to be a problem in the future when Google updates its programming. Therefore we provide a database of all the link addresses that have been added allowing you to track the link as far as possible.

    • Within your industry

The most powerful links are within your own industry so we will make this our first priority.

    • Constant low-level addition of links 

Google sees links being added in large amounts at a time as a sign links are likely to be unnatural. Therefore the best way to add links is at a low level consistently over a long period of time. We will structure a powerful schedule for your business.


How do I get started?

To get a free quote from our consultant fill in the contact form, telephone our support team on 01795 843184 or email us on


We look forward to working with you in the future!

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