Modern email marketing tips for business owners

Posted on 12/3/18 3:49 PM by by Nick Cassells

For many, email marketing is back in a big way. The fact is, whether you are a business manager it has never really gone away. Email marketing remains at the cutting-edge for lead generation techniques and is one of the sparkiest tools in the online marketer’s tool box in 2019 Email marketing has probably the granddaddy of promotional techniques in …read more

9 Remarketing tactics to grow your business

Posted on 09/4/18 3:27 PM by by Nick Cassells

  Remarketing maybe relatively new to the digital marketing world but it is fast becoming an essential tool which warrants its own budget slice. It allows the marketer to recapture the specific interest of that high-end target market who visited your website but did not convert. To put it another way you can continue marketing to the prospective client after …read more

web content writer

Stun your clients with fantastic commercial web text!

Posted on 01/8/18 12:47 PM by admin

  So how can you find that writer who understands the digital world enough to fit neatly within your digital media team? You know – that rare individual who can run with the literary baton when you need them urgently for a specific client, always comes up with the goods, be creative in any digital format and can adapt their …read more

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The need for powerful web content post penguin and panda

Posted on 03/30/13 1:17 PM by admin

Since the internet began, and since search engines were the key to your website being found, web masters and website owners alike have tried to make sure their site is placed on page 1 if not in the top three.  By understanding how the search engines are programmed to pick up the web sites, SEO’s and internet marketing strategists use …read more

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